About Us         

    Acme  is small enough to build you 1 rack, and large enough to build any quantity you need.

Depending on your design, our new state of the art production facility is capable of producing UP TO 5000 RACKS PER WEEK.  We challenge you to try to get even one fourth of that amount from your current supplier.

    We are located in the Heart of America -- in Memphis, MO.  We have  over 50 years of combined experience building steel storage racks and related products, and we have the common sense and know-how of yesterday, combined with the technology of tomorrow, to build the best quality products in the industry.

                                                                                        Contact us at:

            Acme Racks
            310 East Route AA
            Memphis, MO  63555

            Phone: 660-465-2263
            Fax:      660-465-2294

            E-Mail: sales@acmeracks.net