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     This page contains several of the designs we have built in the past.  Many of these racks can be customized to fit a variety of applications, but Acme Racks  has a reputation for designing and manufacturing custom racks, dollies, and carts for our customers as needed.

      The benefit of having our own production facilities is that we don't have to sell what we have in stock.  We can actually BUILD WHAT YOU NEED.

And we do it without charging a premium.

Our premier product is the Acme Stackable Rack.  These racks are constructed using all steel, heavy duty tube.  They are stackable up to 5 high and available in BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, BLACK, GRAY, or BROWN.

Six base frame styles are available:

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Open 2-way 2-way side entry
4-way 4-way side entry Tic-Tac-Toe

5 deck styles are available.  You can choose from an open frame, wood slats, plywood, steel, or an expanded steel deck.  For specialized racks, kiln dried oak and carpet are also available.


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